Hot Italian
~ A perennial favorite fennel is reminicant of southern Italy fused with a nice melody a wave of heat leaving you smiling. Serve with pasta.add to soup or spaghetti.

Sweet Italian Paprika
~ Reins in like a mild summer breeze. Paprika grown all over europe.Serve in any pasta or rice dish.

Ginger Apple
~ A citrus smooth flavour lingers deep in your taste buds Ginger Lemon Apple, make into meat balls serve with cream sauce. or make into an asian soup.

Maple breakfast sausage
~ Real Canadian Maple brings back memories of the fun in breaky.serve with pancakes bacon and eggs and toast.

South African Borswors
~ The most ordered flavour ,very tasty Scots WesTLinton Old fashioned simple. Make into square sausage seve with blackpudding eggs and toast

~ I received this recipe from an old lady in Hamburg Mild smooth and tasty serve IN A BED of saurkrout and beer.

Mexican Chorizo Chipolte
~ Peppers swing in action recipe aided by DAnny Lamant my old neighbor. now operates Hotel California in Baha Mexico.

Thai Not too Hot
~ So many flavours sweet, hot, bitter. Citrus rolls in with a jungle full of delight. serve on a bun or with rice and peanut butter sauce.

~ A medium curry .sparks all the taste buds serve with rice in a soup.

Egyptian corriander and cumin
~ Marry in this zesty little spice to go full circle. Serve with pasta orange sauce

South Western Chili
~ A blend of chiles,you can use in place of chorizo in taco,tamiles burritos.

Fresh Kielbasa
~ Is the Polish word for sausage Garlic rules in this mildly herbed delight. Bbq serve on a bun,or with saurkrout.

Swedish Potato
~ One of my favorites serve with your Ribeye steak mushrrooms and onions A nice pale ale.

Greek Orange
~ The inventors of sausage. zesty herbed great with a greek salad and red wine. Latin word is Salsus.

Rosemary Sausage
~ Smooth tasty serve with breakfast

Scandinavian Mild and Traditional BBQ
~ French Boudin Blanc Du Mans Mild tasty serve with pasta from the birth of chefs.

Portuguese Linguisa
~ Made with wine unique a must try

Chinese Black Bean and Shitake Mushroom
~ Great in salads with noodles or soups.

Chicken Apple Chicken Breast
~ Award Winning 2011 Alberta food for Health award winner serve in soup, stir fry, pizza or with breakfast.

Chicken Double Ginger Orange
~ Serve on a bun with noodle and chiles anything goes.

Chicken Merguez Zesty Meditranian
~ We love it in lentils in pasta salad spinach.

Chicken Southwest Green Chile
~ Use in place of chorizo. Tacos, chili, on toast with old cheddar cheese .

Buffalo Berry on availability
~ From the wild west a traditional. Mild herb serve with bluberry sauce.